Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Sputum rises to the top!

My softball team, Purulent Sputum, had a fantastic second outing tonight. Our offense was almost as potent as last week, and our defense was light years better!

Our assault got started off very early, as we were the visiting team and scored 8 runs in the top half of the first inning. Granted, most of those runs were due to bases on balls, since the opposing pitcher couldn't find the plate, but we had a few good hits, too. Only one home run in the game, though: Geoff, who cleared the fence last Tuesday, hit a ball deep to right-center in a middle inning and was able to circle the bases before the outfielders could retrieve the ball.

Several things were improved on defense. Sanjay, our pitcher, tossed a much better game, getting the other team to swing at more pitches and cutting down on the walks. Becca was there, so we had a decent first baseman instead of having to suffer my poor play at first. Sarah was the pivotman on a 6-4-3 double play in the final inning, the first time I have ever seen a double play turned in this league. We moved Geoff, our best defender, from centerfield to left field, since in slow-pitch softball everyone pulls the ball, and it paid dividends as he snagged several flyballs that might have fallen for big hits if he hadn't chased them down.

And I, of all people, playing third base, made one of the two defensive plays of the game (the other being Sarah's double play). The other team's star player was at bat. In his previous at bat he had hit a monster shot for a homerun. As he came to the plate, I trash-talked in my usual fashion, getting a good laugh out of him and his teammates. But then he got a good pitch to hit and swung hard. Fortunately, I didn't have time to think. (Thinking when you should be reacting tends to cause problems.) I simply stepped to my right, tracked the ball (which seemed to me almost to be in slow motion), and snagged it with my glove. Then I casually flipped the ball back to Sanjay. Silly me, I should have given him a chance to pick his jaw up off the ground first. Nobody could believe that *I*, defensive liability that I am, had just made an incredible defensive play. I made a couple of other good plays, though none as impressive. And I am regaining the confidence in my softball abilities that I had lost last year when all the extra weight was slowing me down. (No homeruns for me today, but I did get a sharp hit to center field that drove in two important insurance runs.)

All in all, it was another fun game, and it was exciting to get our first win and to see everyone playing so well. :)
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