Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

My arm is so dead today, but it's worth it. Like EK, the cute girl who joined me last night, said, "I felt like a kid again!"

Fox wants to promote its new movie Dodgeball, so they contacted the BU intramural leagues. (Of course!) They asked the league coordinator to set up a dodgeball night for softball league participants. Those who showed up were encouraged to take posters with them and will receive 2 free tickets to a showing of Dodgeball.

I showed up, naturally. (I passed on the movie poster, but with a free ticket is the only way I'll see this movie!) I hadn't played dodgeball in about 12 years, when, as a vacation bible school teacher, I accidentally beaned a little kid in the forehead while aiming for one of the other teachers. (How was I supposed to know the little kid was using my friend as a shield???) The last time before that that I played dodgeball was in elementary school, so it had been a while.

It was a blast, and I found out that by the third game, once I got used to the rule variations, I was actually pretty adept at avoiding being hit by the ball. I threw my arm out, though, but I'll survive. I had so much fun and a tremendous work out!


Speaking of upcoming movies, I started reading Asimov's I, Robot a couple of days ago. I finished the first story, "Robbie," this morning and enjoyed it tremendously. I'm looking forward to completing the book before the movie comes out, although apparently the movie has nothing in common with the stories in I, Robot other than the inclusion Dr. Susan Calvin and U.S. Robotics. Still, any excuse to revisit Asimov after almost 20 years is a good thing.


Següe-ing, naturally, to books: Tomorrow afternoon is our book club's next meeting. We'll be discussing C.S. Lewis' The Screwtape Letters. Since the Letters were such a quick read, I had time to read Mere Christianity first. I'm glad I did. The Letters are amusing, but there is more substance to discuss in Mere Christianity (the first half of which was fascinating). Besides, the Letters almost require a foreknowledge of Lewis' particular brand of theology; otherwise, several of his subtler points might be missed. I found that reading MC first greatly enriched my reading of the Letters, and I actively encouraged others in the book club to read it as well.

We'll see how tomorrow's meeting goes. And hopefully our next book will be more entertaining. I am going to campaign for some sci-fi, as I really would like to read Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? or Ursula Le Guin's Dispossessed.
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