Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

A little unexpected excitement at Shaw's today. I was waiting in line to pay for my groceries when I heard a loud crashing sound behind me and to my left. I turned to see a shower of bottles and cans, shopping carts turning over, and two men running. In the lead was a skinny punk who looked like he might be in his late teens or early twenties. Chasing him was a bald man with biceps the size of my thighs. And the big guy was faster. The ran down the aisle out of view, and then I heard a thud and then, quickly, another. I thought a fight had broken out, in which case the skinny punk would be dead meat. I expected to hear more, but I didn't. Within a couple of minutes the two men returned, the punk in front with his arms behind him, the bald guy escorting him, making sure he couldn't get away. Shortly thereafter the Medford cops arrived. I can only assume that the bald guy was supermarket security and that the punk had been caught shoplifting or something.
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