Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Concerning Wickets and Widgets

In response to my wickets and widgets post, I was asked two questions which I'd like to address briefly here.

One person asked if I would elucidate.  The first remark, left by an Australian residing in the U.K., succinctly identified these items.  In a nutshell, wickets are the objects, resting on posts on either side of the crease on a cricket pitch, which fielders try to knock down with the ball and batsmen try to defend with their square bats.  Widgets are items found in cans and bottles of ale (perhaps also in bitters, stouts, and porters?) that allow the liquid to be poured in such a manner resulting in a clear amber liquid topped by a thick, creamy head.

Another person asked me what the point of the post was.  Since when do posts need a reason for being?  But seriously, there were a couple of points in there, I suppose.  For one, those are two really neat-sounding words of British etymology which most of us aren't particularly familiar with.  I suppose anyone curious enough could either look them up or ask.  And I suppose part of the reason behind the post was to gauge interest and provoke a response.  Frankly, as much as I enjoy blogging, I do it because I enjoy both creating something intelligent and entertaining and receiving feedback on it.  Lately the feedback has been scant; thus, so I feel less inclined to work to create often lengthy and hopefully meaningful, interesting, relevant, or insightful posts.  My mood has currently swung to the other extreme.  I think there is something to be said for one- or two- sentence posts that are sculpted towards provoking some sort of response.  I am, after all, an actor/singer:  I may love my art, but I feed off my audience, and I'm less inclined to perform it's silent.

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