Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

One Down, One to Go

Well, last night was the first Opera Scenes performance. In my announcement earlier this week, I probably played down Wednesday night's scene and played up Thursday's. I really wish more people had come on Wednesday, though. Although I think Thursday's performances will be more enjoyable to watch, the Hamlet scene on Wednesday was the one I most wanted to show off, since it was the more challenging scene, musically and dramatically.

Thank you to treacle_well, who came last night and says she's coming tonight. She'll be able to compare the two performances and let us know if my impressions of both evenings were on the mark. Thank you also (not that they'll read this) to BB and MT, the baritone and soprano who sang with me in the spring, and to JMcG, who works in the eye clinic where I got my LASIK done. I hope I did not disappoint last night. It was an extremely difficult scene that I have been agonizing over, and I think I did a credible job with it. If the volume of applause is any indication, the audience agreed. :)

Tonight should be a good performance from the audience's perspective. Gary, who is singing Hamlet tonight, has a voice that is very well suited to this ultra-Romantic music. And I have a very good grasp of the classical buffo style used in the Donizetti scene. As treacle_well pointed out, though, the libretto in this scene is very inane. It's not a delicious scene like the Hamlet or the Consul and Giovanni in the spring, but it should be fun. The tenor and I have a good rapport and should elicit a few good laughs. I hope those of you who come tonight get your money's worth! ;)
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