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It's amazing how two little high notes can, in my mind, ruin an otherwise solid performance. <sigh> I think my self-confidence, concerning my singing prospects, is at a new low.

I wouldn't feel this way if it were the Hamlet, for that was a challenging piece. It's a style I had had no experience singing up till now. I know "O femme" was flat, but that was okay. I got through the piece creditably and received a very loud ovation. But the Elixir is the sort of thing I can do in my sleep. I have a good sense for the bel canto buffo style and do these sorts of roles well. So, it is not an accomplishment to do it well. And, yes, failing to hit two back-to-back high sustained notes (F and E) absolutely ruined it for me.

(Thank you to treacle_well, R, JC, Dan, and Keya for coming out. Despite my feelings about my performance, it really means a lot to me to see you in the audience and have your support. Now, we need to give Dan a tan so he doesn't stick out so badly when he sits in the front row. Damn, that was distracting! <laugh>)


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Jun. 27th, 2004 12:01 pm (UTC)
Think of Dan as a mime if he is so pale as to glow when the lights dim. That should allow you to ignore him.
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