Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Last night Bri and I went over to Keya and Dan's to play games. I took my game of Apples to Apples and Tubby's Imaginiff with me, just in case. Bri had never played Imaginiff, so I explained the rules to him as we climbed the steps to Keya and Dan's apartment. "It's this game where you write the names of people you know on the board. Then you roll the die to see who's name gets selected and read a card with that person's name. The card says something like 'Imagine if so-and-so were this-or-that, which would he be?' And then everyone selects an answer, and those who select the most popular answer advance."

He didn't quite get it, so I used an example. "Let's say the peg lands on Keya's name. So, the question could be, 'Imagine if Keya were a dog, which would she be? One, a pug; two, a rottweiler...."

"A poodle."


"I think she'd be a poodle."

"That's not one of the choices you were given," I said, "and besides, she'd be a rottweiler."

"No, I think she'd be a poodle," Bri insisted.

"Look, trust me, I know her better. But wait, you'll see!" And as we walked into the apartment, I posed the same question to both Dan and Keya. They lamented the fact that their choices were poodle, pug, and rottweiler, that there were no "better" choices like pit bull or golden retriever. But they eventually both agreed that if Keya were to be one of those three, she'd be a rottweiler.

We went ahead and played Imaginiff. It was a close game for the most part. Right at the very end, the peg landed on Keya's name, and the last question of the night was read: "Imagine if Keya were a dog, which dog would she be?" I kid you not! Two of the six choices were poodle and rottweiler. Needless to say, everyone chose rottweiler, and Keya won the game. What are the odds of that happening? Weird!
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