Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

I'm pissed!

Had a very pleasant cookout this afternoon. I was joined by Dan, Keya, Bri, and Bri's friend Harris. We fired up the grill around 3. We had trouble at first starting the coals, as I couldn't find lighter fluid. We tried newspaper. We tried 15-year single malt Scotch. We finally located Tubby's electric lighter thingie (that looks like a cattle prod) and got the fire going with that. Each cooked what each brought. I had a couple of burgers with Colby jack cheese, a few honey mustard chicken sausages, a steak I had marinated for a couple of hours, an ear of corn on the cob, a couple of portobello mushrooms, and some slices of grilled eggplant. We sat around eating, talking, listening to music, and basking in the beautiful summer day.

When Harris had to leave around 8 or so, we decided to move indoors. We watched random things on t.v. while we played games.

At 9:30 I had to switch away from the 4th of July festivities because the Tivo was recording two things at once. I planned to turn back at 10, when one of the programs stopped recording, so we could watch more of the Pops and the fireworks. In the meantime, I put The Wiz on in the background. JC showed up at about 9:50 and took an active interest in The Wiz. At 10 I made the mistake of offering him a choice of watching more of The Wiz or switching back to the Pops. I was playing the role of polite host and expected him not to express a preference. But he said he wanted to keep watching The Wiz. We stopped playing Trivial Pursuit so that JC could join us in a game, but he decided he wanted to keep watching The Wiz instead of playing games. And when the movie was finally over, he left, having been completely antisocial the entire time. And none of the rest of us got to watch the Pops concert or see any of the fireworks on t.v.

I know it's my fault for deferring to him, as the nice host, and not vetoing his viewing choice. But, really, he ought to know better. <sigh>
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