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Friday & Saturday


Friday evening I had planned to go see scholargipsy in a local production of All in the Timing by David Ives. I had received an e-mail on Thursday from one of my opera colleagues who had just come back from out of town, so I invited her along. I picked her up at 6 and we grabbed a bite to eat in Davis Square before heading to the play, where we ran into treacle_well and R.

The space the plays were held in was not ideal: small, stuffy, uncomfortable, with some obstructed views. But once the show began, my physical discomfort was but a vague, distant sensation in the nether regions of my mind. I highly recommend All in the Timing, a collection of six short plays, to anyone who has not yet seen it. The plays are witty and provocative and well acted. I especially enjoyed the first four plays, particularly "Words, Words, Words," which explored the well-known scenario of monkeys with typewriters locked in a room attempting to write Hamlet. And I was very impressed with scholargipsy's performance: he did a very convincing job of seeming harried and distraught, of conveying a mixture of despair and incredulity. All done with an impeccable comic timing, of course.

After the play I returned my friend to her place and met up with Keya and Dan. They had called earlier wanting to play games "or something," but I had to decline because I was "going to a play with a girl." But I didn't want to end my evening just yet, so we decided to go see Spider-Man 2. I had promised to see this with Dan, since we had a fun experience seeing the first one together. I enjoyed the movie a lot, but I was beat and declined to invitation to hang out with them after the movie. It was 2 a.m. when I left their place, but I couldn't tell you what time I got home. I was too exhausted to bother looking at a clock or do anything but go straight to my bed and sleep.


I slept in until about 11:40. Then I finished Friday's New York Times crossword puzzle. I was planning to visit rsc and jwg at their place in Gloucester, but I had no idea what time people were expected to show. Not wanting to be the first one there, I lazed in bed for a while. Then I called ME up to chat with her a bit. I asked her if she had seen Fahrenheit 9/11 yet. She had not, so I invited her to see it with me tonight. She was eager to do so, but I wasn't sure how late I'd be at RoJo's, so I asked if a 10-ish showing would be alright. That was too late. It occurred to me to invite her to Gloucester with me. I was originally going to invite her before she told me she didn't want to date me anymore, then changed my mind. But I ended up inviting her anyway, figuring it was easier then trying to guess what time I'd be coming back for a movie, and she came along.

I want to thank rsc and jwg for having us. You have a beautiful and very relaxing place up there. In many respects, though, I felt burdened by my guest. She really didn't fit in, and I was trying to be somewhat attentive to her needs rather than just relaxing. At one point, sitting on the porch, prompted by something pinkfish said, we had a discussion about the etymology of the prefixes "eu-" and "caco-" and linguistic origins of words in general. Now, I normally would have been fascinated by such a discussion, being the nerd that I am, but I could tell that ME was dying of boredom. During what seemed an appropriate lull in the conversation, I stood up and moved inside where fj, slinkr, and Kelly were hanging out. I fully expected ME to get up and follow me, but she did not. And I could see through the window that she was having a dismal time. So I finally went and "rescued her." She felt more at ease with the conversation indoors, as she has a little bit in common occupation-wise with Kelly.

The rest of the afternoon was lovely. pinkfish and I tossed water balloons, thoroughly drenching me. I broke my diet for the afternoon to sample slinkr's delicious chocolate cookies and the myriad flavors of ice cream and sorbet that fj brought. We walked down to the water's edge and lounged around there for a little bit. Then we returned to RoJo's porch and watched little baby birds being fed and chirping from their nest tucked in a corner eave. We ended up leaving around 6-ish. I'd like to return sometime when I don't have to worry about whether a guest is enjoying herself so I can relax more and and spend more time conversing with the hosts.

ME and I then went to see Fahrenheit 9/11. I was disappointed. There was very little factual information in the movie that I hadn't heard already. The movie did not seem all that controversial or provocative to me. It had it's moments, but it was not a powerful statement like Bowling for Columbine was. I suppose I was a victim of the (over)hype.

It took forever to get home. And ME did not stick around afterwards. Which was perfectly fine because she seemed tired and I was in an anti-social mood. But all in all, it was a pleasant past day-and-a-half, highlighted by live theater Friday evening and the trip to Gloucester this afternoon.


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Jul. 19th, 2004 12:39 am (UTC)
"To be or not to be, that is the ... gizornenplatz?" Shelly Berman, from a short skit on the same monkeys theme sometime 1960ish.
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