Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

A recent post by magid inspired me to make my first ever meatloaf. I went shopping for the ingredients on Thursday night and finally had a chance to put it together tonight.

I decided to have a little fun with it. I used grilled vegetables, as did magid, but I chose an odd mix most wouldn't. My vegetables were 5 habanero peppers, 3 zucchinis, and 2 red onions. I also minced up some garlic (which I neglected to roast) and added a bunch of chopped up cilantro. My meat was 2½ pounds of ground turkey, and I added two jumbo brown eggs, Adobo (the one with pepper and cumin), extra garlic powder, and white pepper.

It took twice as long to bake (almost two hours) as I had expected. And I learned a valuable lesson about roasting vegetables in an oven (e.g., don't get so wrapped up in the two-hour movie you're watching that you forget you're roasting vegetables, and don't slice the zucchini so thinly). All in all, though, I'm pleased with the final product. It's tasty, filling, and should last me a couple of days.
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