Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

He started off poorly, with a couple of swings and misses. That whole "reporting for duty" schtick was extremely weak, as was something else he said a few minutes later. But then he got going. He connected a jab to the chin with the section on what he learned from his mother and his father. Then he kept delivering body blow after body blow, with two devastating upper cuts. "This flag does not belong to one ideology, one belongs to all Americans." $hrub is leaning on the ropes. "Rather than claim that God is on our side, I humbly pray that we are on God's side." Oh, my! $hrub hits the floor hard. He's not getting up.

I'm glad I listened to the speech. It makes me feel better about voting for Kerry. Before, my vote was his simply because he is Anybody But Bush©, but he won me into his corner tonight. I hope lots of Undecideds were watching tonight.

Speaking of convention stuff, I really wish I'd heard Sharpton's speech. I saw snippets of it on The Daily Show. It sounded, as Jon Stewart pointed out, like a galvanizing moment in the convention. Then I saw snippets of "experts" slamming Sharpton and his speech, claiming the speech went too long, that Sharpton is too opinionated and "has never held a real job," that he should shut up. One of the interviewers asked the Reverend what he was thinking when he departed from his prepared notes and was "riffing on what you were riffing on up there." Why are people so afraid of Al Sharpton? So afraid that they can't even discuss the content of his speech and instead harp on inanities? I gained a lot of respect for Sharpton in the primary debates. He wasn't afraid to raise some issues the other candidates were pussy-footing around because he's smart enough to realize he wasn't going to get elected, and he did it with a rhetorical flair that was fun and inspiring to listen to. Is the white media that afraid of an opinionated and influential black man who is intelligent and well-spoken? Or are they really that much in the conservatives' pockets? (Liberal media my ass!) It's infuriating to see and hear the lack of respect Sharpton gets in the mainstream media.
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