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I wish I had hip huggers...

...then maybe my pants would stay up.

It's really a struggle to look presentable these days. I have three pairs of jeans, but all of them are a few sizes to big. My belt is no longer much help. And I only have about 3-4 shirts I can wear to work (the shirts I have either no longer fit well or have grease stains that make them unwearable). This means I do a lot more laundry than I'd like and have to try some creative mixing and matching of garments.

I will be getting a check for over $2000 in the next couple of weeks, for all the server work I did the last couple of weeks. I wanted to put all of that towards my over-$6000 credit card debt. I may have to set aside $200-$300 for a wardrobe upgrade, though, as much as it pains me not to pay off my debt as quickly as I can.

I guess I shouldn't bitch about my money situation. I know that there are millions in this country who are worse off than me, that I should consider myself lucky that I have a decently paying job, that I can (almost) always put food on the table (even if it means having to charge it). I feel guilty complaining about my money situation, since a lot of my problems are of my own doing. Still, I live paycheck to paycheck and definitely feel the pinch. I apologize to all those who are worse off financially than me: I remember what it felt like hearing JC gripe about his finances when he made twice as much as me and had a buttload of savings and investments; I don't wish to make anyone feel like that by my griping.


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Jul. 30th, 2004 09:12 am (UTC)
Target. Can't beat 15 buck pants for these temporary situations while your body settles.
Jul. 31st, 2004 12:12 am (UTC)
Suspenders. They're also called braces. They attach to your pants and loop over your shoulders for the necessary support.
Jul. 31st, 2004 12:14 am (UTC)
A properly fitting belt would do the trick as well, without making me a walking fashion faux pas.
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