Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

The key to any good bad football movie:

(1) Desperate situation -- replacement players against pros, woman coach battling stereotypes, bunch of misfits with agendas outside the get the picture.

(2) Bad actor to play the leading role and say goofy lines as if they were meant to be meaningful -- none better than Keanu Reeves.

(3) Sexy leading lady to provide romantic situation, but someone who is down-to-earth and not glamorous, who is intelligent and nurturing -- Brooke Langton is perfect for the part.

(4) Cheesy team-bonding moment -- dancing to "I Will Survive" in prison, talking about mutual fear of spiders, etc.

(5) Lots of cut-aways to the cheerleaders.

(6) Slow motion footage of big hits and impossible acrobatic feats.

(7) An against-all-odds miracle finish as time runs out.

I decided to watch the last 40 minutes of The Replacements before starting Tomb Raider. You gotta love bad sports flicks! They are so much fun to watch!
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