Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Talk about bad timing!

I piled the groceries into the back of my truck. The last bag was settling into place when I felt a raindrop on my arm. As I returned the cart to the nearest cart rack, I felt a few more drops. Nothing heavy, though.

I needed to go to the FedEx office to mail the molas to my buyer. Since the FedEx office is a couple of blocks from the supermarket, it seemed to go all the way home first. The little bit of spitting that had occurred moments earlier seemed to have let up. Putting away the groceries could wait.

Surprisingly, there were four people ahead of me at the FedEx office, and one of them had big heavy boxes. It would be a long wait. As I stood there waiting, the lightning started; alas, so did the downpour. A very heavy downpour. One of the heaviest of the summer.

Poor groceries. They got soaked. Nothing was damaged, though. (Well, an egg got slightly cracked during my mad dash from the truck to the back porch.) However, those plastic bags sure did collect a lot of water!
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