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My Weekend

I spent this past weekend on Cape Cod, courtesy of bitty and bubblebabble. I've been to Cape Cod three times before, twice to JC's grandparents' place in Falmouth right off of Buzzards Bay and once to Woods Hole for a conference at the Oceanographic Institute. But I had never been to the "forearm," if you will. This was my first trip to the tip.

Some people micromanage vacations. I'm the exact opposite. I didn't know until Friday whether I'd be leaving Friday night or Saturday morning and returning Sunday night or Monday morning. And I had no idea what I'd be doing once I got there. As I told bubblebabble when he asked me what I wanted to do, "I don't know anything out here. I don't have any plans."

I decided Friday afternoon that I would go out that evening if I could catch a ride with my hosts. There were some potential issues with logistics at first. My e-mail was bouncing and my cell phone wasn't ringing, so I was effectively incommunicado for hours. And bubblebabble's mom (henceforth referred to as "bbm") wasn't sure they'd be able to fit me into their little car with the week's worth of supplies they were taking. But I was given the green light.

I meant to leave work at 6 and be back at 7:30 to be picked up. My plan was to leave my truck at work and then Monday morning take the first ferry from Provincetown to Boston and a cab to work. However, my boss had to submit a grant, and I didn't make it out of the office, thanks to complications with said grant, until nearly 7. Fortunately, I am a light packer and I was going someplace ultra-casual. I simply folded some shorts, shirts, socks, undies, and toiletries into a bag, plus a camera and a couple of books, and left. Packing took me 10-15 minutes. I got back to work, bbm picked me up and took me to bitty and bubblebabble's place, we packed up their little Subaru, and then we left for the Cape. We left Dorchester at 9 sharp and arrived in Truro at about 11:30.

We decided to split the weekend into a Wellfleet day (Saturday) and a P-town day (Sunday). Our home base was the house in Truro, which is the town between Wellfleet and P-town. Here's a picture of me standing in front of bbm and bbd's house in Truro on Saturday:

spwebdesign in front of the bb house in Truro

First thing we did on Saturday was to visit the local tourist information center to find out what's going on and the local library to check out some schedules on the internet. (Well, the first thing I did was flirt with the locals, but I was doing that all weekend, so that doesn't count.) At the library, one of the tables had a partially completed jigsaw puzzle on it. Not having worked on a jigsaw puzzle in at least a decade, I sat down and added a few pieces. The significance of this will become clear later.

Then we headed to the local market and I to the liquor store. I bought a couple of six-packs of malt liquor-ish chick drink-like stuff and my hosts bought some produce.

bubblebabble's dad (henceforth "bbd") took the ferry from Boston to P-town on Saturday morning and biked from P-town to Truro to join us for the weekend. After our information- and digestibles-gathering session, bbm and bbd hopped into the car with the rest of us and we drove to Wellfleet. We dropped bbm and bbd at some unmarked trail where they would hike for a couple of hours, and then the rest of us proceeded to the center of Wellfleet for lunch and a browse through a small used bookstore. After an afternoon in Wellfleet we headed back to Truro for a little R&R and then off we went to the beach.

I take my R&R seriously

The beach we went to on the ocean side of the Cape was very scenic, as you can see from these pictures.

Me and the Atlantic

(I have two other great pictures taken at the beach, one of bitty and the other of bbm, bbd, and bubblebabble, but I won't post them without their permission.)

This dune is right at the edge of the beach

After the beach, we headed back to Truro for dinner, and then bitty, bubblebabble, and I piled into a car and headed to the world famous drive-in theater in Wellfleet for an 8 o'clock showing of Pirates of the Caribbean. The snack shop at the drive-in was impressive, and I enjoyed seeing the short PSAs from the '60s and the Bugs Bunny short that preceded the movie, but I'm not sure I enjoyed the experience in toto. If you think people are annoying in regular movie theaters, imagine what they're like when allowed to stay in their cars, turning on domelights and headlights, changing their radio stations mid-movie, driving during the feature...I may have to watch this movie again just to determine whether or not I liked it!

I woke up early on Sunday to go to church. When I got back, I ate my breakfast -- the bacon might not have been cold if I had remembered to tell someone that I don't eat before mass -- and then we headed off to Yarmouth. We made this 45-minute drive towards the "biceps" of the Cape so that we could meet up with magid, surrealestate, and scholargipsy at the Gorey House. After browsing through all the goodies at the Gorey House, we drove back to Truro, with a chocolate stop on the way, and took in some R&R and dinner before hitting P-town.

During our R&R, bbm and bbd invited me on a canoe ride. Their house is on the edge of a marsh, as you can see in this picture, taken from their balcony.

marshlands in Truro

bbd piloted the canoe from the stern while I paddled from the bow. Here's a picture of bbd sitting in the canoe after we returned from our adventure.

bbd in the canoe

As we paddled through the marsh, we saw several herons, egrets, crabs, and other small marsh wildlife.

a blue heron

We could also see the house from the other side of the marsh.

the marsh sure looks different from the river side!

We paddled out of the marsh, down the river, and out the mouth to the ocean. Then we just sat there enjoying the view for a few minutes before paddling back.

the little white house between the two sand dunes belonged to Edward Hopper, the famous painter

While we waited for dinner, we zipped through several difficult (New York Times Saturday and Sunday) crossword puzzles as a group. Then we ate our kosher, vegan dinner, accomodating magid, who keeps strict kosher, and surrealestate and scholargipsy, who are vegan. Afterwards we headed to Provincetown for an evening of fun.

First we dropped bbm and bbd off at the pier so they could catch the evening ferry back to Boston. Then we found parking next to the Pilgrim Monument.

I'm surprised this picture of the Pilgrim Monument, supposedly the tallest granite structure in the world, came out so well, as I was trying to track the monument with the camera while the car I was in was making a left turn away from it

I love the atmosphere in P-town. It is so free, free-spirited, and festive. We walked up and down the main drag, visiting various shops. I bought a few fun things, including a couple of jigsaw puzzles. As I mentioned earlier, I hadn't done a jigsaw puzzle in years, but my brief experience at the library on Saturday hooked me. I spent Monday and Tuesday nights putting one of the puzzles together. This is what it looked like when completed:

isn't it beautiful!

I grabbed the first ferry from P-town to Boston the following morning. I took several pictures and read a couple of chapters during the hour-and-a-half cruise. Here's a shot of P-town taken from the ferry.


And here's the tippety-tip tipmost tip of Cape Cod.

the tip of Cape Cod

As the ferry approached Boston, I took a picture of this lighthouse, one of several I saw. I thought this one was unusual, though, because it was in the middle of the water rather than on an island or mainland.

candle in the water?

Finally, the ferry pulled into Boston just as I was finishing a chapter in my book. Good timing! We docked at the World Trade Center, and I caught a taxi to work.

Boston Skyline

I want to thank bbm, bbd, bubblebabble, and bitty for allowing me to tag along on a part of their vacation. It was a wonderful, relaxing weekend!

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