Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Phone Problems

When I helped scholargipsy move his stuff out of Chromatopia last Saturday, I met the new next door neighbor. We talked a little bit, and when we were done she suggested I stop by sometime. So last Monday, I swung by after work, but she wasn't home.

I left a note with my phone number. I didn't think she'd call back. But Saturday around 1:55, as I was rushing to get to a 2:00 wedding on time, she called. I had to blow her off! Ugh!

She asked if I had her number. I did -- it was on the Caller ID. After the wedding, I retrieved the number and stored it in my phone book.

I wanted to call her back today. However, the number was not in my phone book. And enough people had called me Sunday and this morning that the call had scrolled off the Caller ID list. This is the second or third time a stored number has mysteriously disappeared.

Her number is not in the white pages. Verizon won't release call records until the end of the billing cycle. I'm screwed, unless I want to swing by her place again...but I'm sure that won't make a great impression.
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