Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

I finished reading Asimov's Caves of Steel on the flight to Houston. I was extremely disappointed. I thought the stories in I, Robot were very well written and thought-provoking. This style did not carry over to the longer format of the novel.

I found Asimov's attempt to create human characters failed. His characters were wooden and one-dimensional. And the plot seemed contrived. Caves of Steel supposedly is a futuristic detective story, but there wasn't much detecting going on. Rather, we were given pages and pages of descriptions of a dystopic Earth a few thousand years into the future with no significant story development. When the detectives reached certain conclusions, correct or incorrect, they seemed to come out of left field rather than be based on any clues or facts presented in the narrative.

I remember enjoying Asimov in the past -- his Foundation novels and I, Robot -- so I will give this series another chance. The second installment in the Robot series is supposed to take place away from earth where there are more robots than people, and that may help hide Asimov's shortcomings. I'm in no hurry to pick up Naked Sun, though.
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