Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

I must be getting old!

First, some background: I never take sick leave. I have come into work with full-blown bronchitis. For me not to go into work because of illness, I pretty much have to be unable to (1) leave my bed or (2) leave the toilet. And if it's the former, I might try to get someone to wheel me in on a rollaway!

So perhaps this is a sign that I am growing old. Or that I am becoming to develop a greater understanding of the importance of keeping my body healthy in my career pursuit. Whatever.

I woke up this morning with a scratchy throat. As the day developed, the throat got worse, my eyes became irritated, my head become foggier than usual, my nose got runny, my sinuses filled with gooey gunk, and my body was achey and tired.

I just called my co-workers and my supervisor. I told them I'm not setting an alarm in the morning, that I am going to give my body a chance to get the rest it needs to recover. So, best case scenario is I'm much more late for work than usual. But I also told them that if I feel just as bad in the morning, I'm going to call in sick.

I have never called in sick for a cold before!


On a related note, I can get all sorts of things delivered to the house -- pizza, wings, Chinese, Thai, etc. -- but why can't I get chicken soup delivered??? (And no, Tom Yum Gai or Tom Ka Gai do not count!)
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