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In the past there have been football officials I can't stand, notably Jerry Markbreit (now retired) and Gerald Austen. But the reverse?

briganski comes over to watch football every Sunday during the season. When the Chargers are on, I am dictatorial with the remote. But at other times, we'll flip between games, trying to find the most interesting or exciting match-ups. But it's not always about the teams; sometimes we'll choose to watch a game because of the referee.

Ed Hochuli.

Most referees aren't very athletic-looking. Many have (at least) a bit of a gut. Most have skinny little average-person arms. Not Ed Hochuli. Ed is jacked. He has bigger guns than a lot of the football players. His arms are bursting out of his sleeves, and his pecs are bulging out beneath his shirt.

And you know what's even better? He knows it. He plays it up. When he signals a call -- be it touchdown, first down, illegal procedures, etc. -- he flexes and tenses his muscles like a competitive bodybuilder. It's always fun to watch him make calls.

ESPN's John Clayton interviewed Hochuli in September. Hochuli, a lawyer in addition to the top-rated referee in the NFL, talks about the intense preparation NFL officials go through. There's hours of watching game tape, extensive review of the rule book and case studies, weekly tests, etc. Additionally,

"I consider my conditioning part of the job," Hochuli said. "I have to be fit and have to move around. I consider my appearance important. I should look like an athlete on the field, so I spend a couple hours a day on conditioning."

Hochuli said he also spends time in front of a mirror to make sure he can probably announce calls.

Properly announce??? You know he's practicing his poses!
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