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I never miss church, but during football season I schedule my church attendance around football. I like to go to St. Clement's on Boylston St. in Boston because Fr. Peter is so sincere and charismatic and the service is so beautiful and meaningful. But St. Clement's services are at 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. That doesn't work with my football season schedule, which involves playing flag football from 10 a.m. to 12 noon and watching football the rest of the day. So, unless the night game is completely uninteresting or I've been up really late the night before, I go to the 8:30 a.m. service at one of the neighborhood churches.

Tonight's game between a bad team and a mediocre team holds no interest for me. And I knew I would be out late at surrealestate and scholargipsy's party, so I wanted to sleep in. Thus, I planned to go to St. Clement's tonight. I couldn't sleep last night, though. So at 8:15 I said fuck it, popped out of bed, threw on the new clothes I had bought for my date with Ilana, and headed to Mass.

The day got off to a slow start. On my way to church I felt I had to stop to help a motorist jump start his engine, even though I really didn't want to be late for Mass. Then the service was boring, which is typical at this church -- it's practically empty except for a handful of geriatrics, there's no music, and the priest speaks with an almost incomprehensible accent -- and the old lady in front of me let out some gas just before the Eucharist that just about knocked me over. Finally, when I got to football, there was a very low turnout, despite it being such a glorious morning.

Things started to pick up at football, though. Because of the low turnout, I was pressed into quarterback duties. I threw well and had nice touch on the deep balls. I had a few touchdown passes -- a couple because I threw good passes, a couple because the receiver was so wide open not even I could miss, and a few due to good athletic effort by the receiver. I also dropped into coverage a few times as a defender, was never beat badly, and had a big interception when the other team tried to test me deep. Plus, on one play, when I played receiver, I stiff armed the defender after I made the catch; rather than go for the flag and risk being knocked to the ground by my stiff arm, he grabbed my arm and wouldn't let go, so I swung him around a couple of times by the arm like a rag doll and dragged him about 10 yards before going out of bounds. I had a great time. Then I went home and had some very un-Atkins comfort food and watched my favorite team play uncharacteristically well and pummell a much better team as Keya, briganski, Tubby, Jess, and 3 of Tubby's friends watched with me.

I needed some feel-good stuff today to counterpoint with yesterday. The football, the pizza, the football, and friends all helped make me feel a little better today.

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