Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Laptop issues

My laptop is getting old (almost two years) and the wear and tear is starting to get to it. I noticed a new problem today: when I closed the lid, the laptop no longer went into standby. This is an inconvenience, especially if I think the laptop is in standby when unplugged and my battery runs down to nothing. After closer inspection, I determined that the problem seemed to be a button of sorts near the base of the screen that had come loose. I decided to crack open the laptop to see if I could fix the problem. I was nervous as hell, afraid I would do more harm than good. But I did get the computer opened up enough to see the mechanism in question. This "button" is attached to a thin metal lever that must create a circuit somewhere. When this circuit is complete, the computer goes into standby. However, the lever had come unattached because it was held in place by a cheap plastic bracket that has, with repeated stress of opening and closing the lid, broken. I repositioned the lever, but I did nothing to secure the bracket, so the lever will no doubt come loose again. For the time being, though, the switch works. When I powered back up, there was a problem with some pixels on the monitor, but that seems to have cleared up on its own. I'm not looking forward to cracking my laptop open again, though.
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