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I will admit that, despite being a Yankee-hater, when I realized Mussina was still pitching a perfect game in the seventh inning and the score was 8-0, I began to root for the perfect game. I tend to be a jinx, so you Sox fans can thank me. Of course, now that it's once it suddenly became 8-5 (and then 8-7) and the Sox were right back in it, I'm started rooting for the Sox again, so if the Yankees win now that the Yankees won it's my fault.

It doesn't matter either way. I was rooting for a Midwest series. The idea of a Twins-Cardinals World Series was appealing to me. The Cardinals are going to win it all anyway, regardless of who the American League victim is. Part of me wants all this fuss over the Red Sox to subside. But I hate the Yankes, and we all know the fuss won't subside, win or lose. If the Sox win, we'll be bombarded with claims that this is the year; and if they lose, the airwaves will be swamped with obnoxious fans calling for Terry Francona's head. <sigh>

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