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(The standard queue disclaimer applies, only substitute England for Iceland.)

So, if everything goes the way I hope, here is a potential itinerary for my trip to London:

Nov. 3 -- Arrive in London, get settled in. Go to bed early to adjust to time difference.

Nov. 4 -- Meet with Pollard in the afternoon. Go to London Symphony's all-Russian program that evening at the Barbican.

Nov. 5 -- Take train to Paris. Spend the day seeing the sights, maybe meeting up with Carole Bajac. In the evening, attend L'Opéra National de Paris' performance of Messaien's Saint François d'Assise starring José Van Dam, for whom the role was written.

Nov. 6 -- Meet with Van Dam in late morning/early afternoon. Take the train back to London. Do London stuff.

Nov. 7 -- Attend mass at some beautiful English church, unless we choose to do day trip to Edinburgh, in which case mass would be at some beautiful Scottish church.

Nov. 8 -- Meet with David Pollard. Do London stuff.

Nov. 9 -- Meet with David Pollard. Perhaps see show in the evening. Do London stuff.

Nov. 10 -- Return to Boston.


Oct. 14th, 2004 08:52 am (UTC)
No, not yet. I sent van Dam an e-mail only yesterday, so I'd be surprised if he responded this quickly. He is a bit of a reach, though, and I'm not really expecting to hear back from him. I think I would only go to Paris if I heard from him. Otherwise, Paris can wait for another vacation.

The Pollard thing is frustrating the hell out of me, though. You'd think he'd at least have the common decency to reply and say no or something. Oh well, that's the nature of the business, I guess.

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