Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

My plan for Columbus day was really quite simple. Sleep in. Have a complete workout where I really push myself. Get a massage. Go shopping for London things and take advantage of holiday sales.

First item. Check. I woke up an hour before my 11 a.m. alarm, but I felt refreshed.

Second item. Semi-check. I dragged my feet a bit getting out of the house. Thus, I only did half an hour on the stationary bike rather than the full hour I wanted to do. I did, however, do arms, legs, shoulders, and lower back. I didn't increase any of the weights any, keeping them at the same comfortable weight I've been using, so I didn't push myself in that respect.

Third item. Delayed and incomplete check. Was 20 minutes late to massage, thanks in part to traffic and in part to my workout having taken longer than expected. But my therapist got 90 minutes of work in. She had asked if there were any problems areas, and I said, "No, no knots, I just felt I was overdue." Of course, as soon as she pressed into my back I realized I was wrong about the absence of knots. I certainly had quite a bit of tension I hadn't been aware of. Enough that 90 minutes wasn't enough. I'd like to get another massage before I leave for England. However, I'm not sure if I want to do the drive to South Weymouth. I have a couple of friends who are certified massage therapists, so I'd like to throw a little business their way. I've sent an e-mail inquiry to her, and if she's unable/unwilling to work on me, then I'll inquire with him. If neither can set me up, I'll just go back to Judy in South Weymouth.

Fourth item. Check. Was able to talk Keya into joining me. We went to Burlington Mall. I looked at topcoats and trenchcoats. I bought a nice topcoat (it's about freakin' time I own one!) but decided the trenchcoat was a luxury I couldn't afford. After all, I don't wear suits to work, and I only seem to have cause to use a trenchcoat about once a year -- not enough justification for a $200 expense. I bought a set of matching luggage. I needed a good, sturdy garment bag, and my mom's been after me to buy a set of luggage for a couple of years. Well, I finally took the initiative, and she has agreed to reimburse me as a Christmas/birthday gift. I also wanted to buy a couple more shirts, preferably dress shirts, so that I don't have to do laundry in London. I found a sports jacket that I really liked as well, but it was tight in the upper arms, so I didn't get it. I still have to do a little more shopping in preparation for London, but I knocked two big items off the list with the coat and luggage.

JC and Dan joined us at the mall. This led to an amusing incident at one of the upscale men's retailers. Dan inquired about the price of one of the sweaters. $400. "Four hundred dollars?!" JC burst out, "I could have one custom made for less than that!" "Oh yeah," countered the clerk, "Where are you going to have something like this custom made?" "Well, for starters, Hong Kong." Hong Kong??? Okay, JC, get a grasp on reality here: Who's going to pay a couple of thousand dollars to fly to Hong Kong to get something they could have here for $400? <sigh> JC and the clerk proceeded to have quite the little exchange, so the rest of us just left the store. Can't take him anywhere! <grin>

All in all, it was a relaxing and productive Columbus Day.
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