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As I was showering this morning, I started thinking about marriages and civil unions and started to plan a journal entry on that subject, mostly in response to $hrub's comments from last week. Instead I'll post on a related subject, but from a happy perspective.

I just had lunch with Keya. She just got back from a trip to eastern Europe, where she visited Warsaw, Krakow, Prague, Auschwitz, Budapest, St. Petersburg, and Helsinki. She was very eager to go to lunch with me today, which I couldn't understand, because we're going to be at the softball barbecue later tonight. So I dragged my feet.

When she finally got me alone, she said, "This is why I wanted to have lunch with you alone," and she held up her left hand to reveal a small diamond in a white gold setting.

I half expected to find out that she and Dan had had a big fight while on vacation and had broken up. Instead I learned that they got engaged! I am shocked!

Apparently Dan got Mr. Sau's consent before he and Keya left for Europe. Then in Prague, Dan popped the question. In the middle of a huge banquet in front of 250 other people, Dan interrupted the entertainment and asked to borrow the microphone, and then proposed. According to Keya, he was trembling as he asked, and she was shaking and in tears as she said yes.

The next day they shopped for a ring in Prague. Keya says she is happy they did it this way, because she has never been thrilled with the selection of rings in the United States. Prague apparently has a very nice diamond district...and I must say, it is a lovely ring, delicate, nicely tapered ring with a crown setting just right for the diamond, which is big enough that it's not small and small enough that it's not gaudy.

I'll give her this: she does have good taste, whether it be clothing, or jewelry, or men. ;)

They haven't set a date yet. The ceremony will be a traditional Hindu ceremony in Maryland, since Dan has no religious affiliation and Keya's parents would freak if Keya insisted on a Catholic ceremony. (They may do a small Catholic ceremony in Boston as well.) Dan and Keya would like to get married on the 28th of some month, since they started dating on June 28th a year ago and he proposed on July 28th, but Hindu weddings are supposed to take place on auspicious Hindu dates, so they have to hope there is an auspicious Hindu date on the 28th of some month.

bitty has already called me to find out if I'm okay, having just heard the news via e-mail. Of course I'm happy for them. Yes, it does feel kind of weird, since Dan has been a good friend of mine for the last 5 years and Keya is my ex-girlfriend of 2+ years. But I am thrilled. I felt a bit guilty when I broke up with Keya because she was 31 at the time, and I thought at the time she was hoping I might be the one, and it gets increasingly difficult after 30 to find a decent guy. But Dan is a great guy, so I'm happy. I've already kidded her that I have to be the best man. After all, if we hadn't dated, she never would have met Dan, and if we hadn't broken up Dan never would have had a shot.

They're having a party on Friday after work to celebrate. I'll have to cancel whatever plans I have to be there.

Wow! Who'da thunk?!

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