Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Something that never happens happenned this morning: I was the star athlete on the field!

I went down to a park off of Washington Ave. in Dorchester to play football with a bunch of guys. I was psyched about going because I was told they play with full lines and I would satisfy my urge to do a lot of hitting. And sure enough, we had lines. But on the very first play I blew by untouched and forced the QB to get rid of the ball early. They started double-teaming me, but that only slowed me down a bit. They even triple-teamed me, which made it a little more competitive. On offense I played center, and my man was neutralized on every play but one. The opposing defender was getting frustrated at being continuously knocked backwards and by the fact that I wouldn't let up the entire play.

However, our QB kept throwing INTs and being ineffective. So, finally I said, "I'm QBing," and I took charge. We were down to 5 guys (because people were quitting in frustration) against their 9. 3 people had to stay in to block against their pass rush of 6 guys. But we had the best offense we had all day. I had one receiver, and I set up a system with him. At the line of scrimmage, I'd call a number that corresponded with a route, depending on how the defense would line up. And as soon as I received the snap, I'd step and throw. No indecision, like our previous QBs. No waiting for the long bomb to develop. Just crisp routes and fast, accurate passes. We still got our butts kicked, but it was a lot of fun leading the team downfield repeatedly against such daunting odds!

Of course, now I gotta go ice down my arm before it falls off!
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