Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

First Things First

I got up this morning and went for my run. Afterwards, I walked to the polling place and voted. My duty done, I can now focus on less important things: haircut, voice lesson, massage (I think I overworked my arm on quarterbacking on Saturday and Sunday, so I called Judy and made an appointment), and London prep.

Voting was slightly different than four years ago, mostly because of Victor Ciampa's "sticker campaign." Lots of reps handing out stickers for Ciampa, who has really turned me off with his inability to lose graciously. When I was unable to ignore his campaigners, I offered a curt, "No, thank you," to proffered stickers. When a Carl Sciortino rep asked if she could count on my vote, my reply was, "Of course!" Other than that, it was the same as last time. Very few voters. No ID check. I was surprised Nader wasn't on the ballot. Cast my vote for Kerry-Edwards. Voted for Carl. Didn't vote for anyone else, since I know nothing about them. And there were no other issues to vote for.

Now, let's hope the swing states come through for us. And, if you haven't already, GO VOTE!
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