Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

I'm back. I got back late on Wednesday night. Spent yesterday resting my body, nursing a cold, and catching up on things around the house (interpreted: getting things off the Tivo). I also went to a play in the evening.

Now I'm at work. I have been catching up on work things as well as having just caught up on a week's worth of LJ friends' entries.

And I'm suffering from jetlag. I don't remember any jetlag when I travelled to Japan in 1990, but then I was 16, not 30, at the time. And I don't feel any jetlag when I travel between San Diego and Boston. It's only a four-hour difference, but London to Boston is only a five-hour difference. Maybe the cold I contracted a couple of days ago is contributing to the feelings of jetlag. That or advancing age. Who knows....

Now tonight I go out of town again. With Scotty and (as if I haven't had enough of him in the past week) JC! We're going to the Amherst homecoming. I don't think I'll have time to post a London recap before I leave. The recap will probably be broken up into a few different posts anyhow. I think I will post separate entries (1) describing the touristy stuff, (2) discussing the lessons with Pollard, (3) showing photos, and maybe even (4) recounting my experiences travelling with JC. We'll see.
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