Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

I decided to retire to my bedroom early tonight, as my body feels weary from the travel and the various maladies I've suffered in the past couple of weeks. As I exited the living room, I turned to Keya and Dan* and said, "If Foz won't come in tonight, don't wake me up."

Sometime after I'd finally managed to fall asleep last night, in the middle of a very deep and restful slumber, I heard a knock on my door accompanied by my name. I managed to wake up enough to let a "What?" escape. "Foz is still outside and I can't find him anywhere," Keya answered, "and it's very cold out there." I reluctantly dragged myself out of bed, walked down the back stairs, opened the back door, and whistled for Foz. Usually he comes pretty quickly when I call him, but I was out there a couple of minutes with no sign of the furry fiend. I trudged back upstairs, managed a shrug, uttered, "Oh well, he's on his own," and disappeared into my bedroom. I spent the next half hour or so hacking up a lung (for which I've been paying today with phonatory problems). Then, when I finally stopped coughing, I couldn't fall asleep; I lay in bed guiltily imagining Foz turning into a popsicle. So, I dragged myself out of bed again, but before heading back downstairs I took a quick peek into Tubby's room. There was Foz, curled up on the bed. I went into the living room to grab some cough drops, and Keya informed me that Foz had come in. "Yeah, I noticed."

Now, I had thought maybe the temperature had dipped into the teens last night. However, when I instructed Keya and Dan not to wake me tonight, Keya spoke up in Foz's defense: "But it was cold last night. It was 30 degrees." Thirty degrees?!? She woke me up because it was thirty degrees??? Foz has a fur coat. Whereas I was having visions of Fozsicle last night, he was probably grateful for a little cool weather. No wonder he didn't want to come in: it was too nice a night to spend indoors! She meant well, but Tubby and I had a good laugh at Keya's expense because of this.


* Keya has been living at my place for the past 2+ weeks while she finishes up her written dissertation. Dan drove up from Maryland yesterday to be with her and help where needed. Dan will probably be here another day or two, and Keya probably till the end of the week, before they complete their move down to Maryland.
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