Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

I realized this morning that, in my haste, I forgot the whole point of that Amherst blog. It wasn't supposed to be a post about Homecoming weekend as much as it was supposed to be about the construction on campus. Not that anyone on my friend's list, besides slinkr and hyounpark, would know or care, but there are some major changes happening on campus. Pratt, the geology building and natural sciences museum -- and quite possibly my favorite building on campus -- is being torn down. The Geology Department and museum will move to a monstrosity of a building that is currently blighting the landscape between Fayerweather, Health Services, and A and B dorms. Appleton and Williston have already been converted to dorms, begging the question: if you knew what sorts of weird experiments were carried out in Appleton, would you want to live there? On the other side of the freshman quad, James and Stearns have been demolished and are being replaced by two new, roomier dorm buildings. There is also a new building to the right (if you're looking down the hill from the Campus Center) of the social dorms; I'm not sure if this is temporary or permanent housing.

Do all these changes suggest that Amherst is trying to increase in size? One of the things that attracted me to Amherst was the student body size of 1500 and the great faculty-to-student ratio. That 1500 mark was left behind long ago. I hope Amherst isn't trying to become too big and forgets that quality is far more important than quantity.
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