Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

We had enough of a turnout at football this morning that I was relegated mostly to doing what I do best, playing the lines. I couldn't be blocked effectively when I rushed the QB, and I gave my QB all day to throw. The highlight on defense was probably when the 3 rushers completely collapsed the pocket and arrived at the QB at the same time. The QB ended up on the ground, where we yanked the flags off him. My highlight on offense was a pancake block: the defender was chasing my QB full-speed to the right. He was completely focused on the QB and didn't see me at all. I ran over between them and lowered my shoulder. The defender went flopping and rolling onto the ground in the other direction, allowing my QB to throw a TD. I did cut my lip later in the game when I took a forearm to the chin from a big, strong guy, but I don't mind. I love getting physical out there on Sunday mornings!
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