Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Can I or Can't I?

I've been working under the assumption that I can't call internationally using my cellphone unless I purchase a calling card. This makes calling Panamá needlessly complicated.

So I called Verizon Wireless tonight to sign up for international calling. I figure I've been a customer long enough, with a good payment history, that they would have no trouble approving my request. The customer service rep I spoke with couldn't quite understand my request. "What happens when you try to call?" she asked a couple of times. I explained that I haven't tried to call, working under the assumption the call wouldn't go through. However, she informed me that restrictions on international calling were lifted on February 26. Nice of Verizon Wireless to advertize this!

I dialed my aunt's number and promptly received a recorded message stating that restrictions prevented my cellphone from making this call. <sigh> I promptly called customer service again, not five minutes since we last spoke, but they were closed for the day. Go figure! Someone's going to get an earful in the morning!
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