Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Two reasons why I shouldn't live in a city

Go out at night. Look up at the sky. What do you see? Light. And I don't mean starlight -- you're lucky if you see any stars at all. Even in the 'burbs, it never gets dark.

Now close you're eyes and listen. What do you hear? The only thing I can almost guarantee you won't hear is silence.

That's just not right. It creates an imbalance. Certainly, there's nothing wrong with light. It illuminates and imparts warmth. And there's equally nothing wrong with sound. It informs and enriches. But the mind -- the soul -- needs balance. For all that light, there needs to be dark, complete and utter absence of light. For all those sounds there needs to be silence, the absence of sound. For all the motion, there needs to be rest, total absence of motion.

One can't compete in a city. The scales are tipped too far towards fullness, making it harder and harder to empty oneself. The fullness drains, causes emptiness, so one needs to find emptiness to achieve fullness. The balance must be restored.
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