Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

It has been a fun but exhausting weekend!

Friday night surrealestate and I went to see a production of Tommy at Brandeis. (Thank you, magid, for the recommendation!) We enjoyed it thoroughly. The visual production was fantastic, and the singing was pretty good. I had seen the touring Broadway production about 10 years ago and, while that production was naturally quite better, I think the Brandeis production compared well in many regards.

I was supposed to go to kung fu with briganski on Saturday, but he backed out. That allowed me to spend the afternoon relaxing and reading. And I was able to get ready for the evening's parties without feeling hurried or panicky.

The office holiday party is actually work for me. I plan it, and I have to make sure everything runs smoothly. I'm the first one there and the last one to leave, and I force myself to be the life of the party. This year's group was lame, though. I couldn't get people out on the dance floor, try as I might. There were a couple of numbers when I was the only one out there. But I had fun, dammit, even if others preferred to sit on their asses and watch!

After the office party I dragged a couple of the ladies from Pulmonary to surrealestate's Birthday Beach Bash. I was concerned the party might be winding down when I got there, since the office party didn't end until midnight. Well, we showed up at surrealestate's by about 10 to 1, and the party was still in full swing. I stripped out of my suit, dress shirt, and tie and slipped on some shorts, loud tropical shirt, and flip-flops. We partied until almost 5. Had some pleasant conversations, enjoyed even more pleasant kisses, and played a couple of games.

As a consequence of being out of the house until 5:30, I slept through my alarm and did not make it to 8:30 mass. (I went to the 8 p.m. mass downtown instead.) And my body wasn't quite awake when I showed up for football. However, as soon as I started running around trying to cover receivers, my body started to respond. And it turns out I had to quarterback for one of the teams and had a fantastic game passing the ball. My team won 54-44 and, except for one overthrown pass that resulted in a pick, it seemed I could do no wrong. I read coverages well and threw the short pass and the long ball with authority.

I mostly dozed through the early football games at home, but I was quite awake for the Chargers-Bucs game as I watched my team win its seventh in a row and tenth overall win to solidify its first-place position. It was an entertaining game.

But now I am drained and am going to bed early. I even cancelled my "get-together" with Ilana so that I could get some rest tonight.

I did learn one very important thing this weekend. It seems I am going to London after all. Apparently the decision has been made for me. My co-worker Kathy and I were speculating on Friday that the only reason I haven't been fired is because my bosses and supervisor think I'm leaving anyway. They're giving me the chance to leave on my own, thus avoiding the potential mess of a dismissal. It was idle speculation until I spoke with my supervisor's husband at the holiday party and he congratulated me on my pending departure to London. I don't recall telling my supervisor that I was leaving, but this would seem to support Kathy's theory.
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