Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Citizenship Update

I spoke briefly with my aunt this afternoon to inquire about my Italian citizenship. She's been after me to send her a C.V., and I wanted to find out if it was for the citizenship situation or for a Panamanian embassy job. It's for the latter.

Apparently, I am not yet an Italian citizen. The citizenship request is pending a document about my grandfather. Once she locates and submits this document, I will be granted citizenship.

She seemed more concerned about the embassy position. She is concerned that the President is starting to make appointments and that I will miss out. I will send her my C.V., but I would much prefer to go as an Italian, where I have the freedom to find well paying employment, than as a Panamanian, where my options are very restricted and the pay capped.

I impressed on her the importance of taking care of the Italian thing, so hopefully that will be resolved soon. I was looking at the Employee Authorization process for non-EEA nationals, and it looks complicated. I'd like to avoid that hassle, if possible.
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