Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Korea Garden is closed!

Ilana and I got together for dinner and a movie tonight. After The Incredibles (great movie, fantastic animation), we were deciding where to go for dinner and I happened to mention this amazing Korean restaurant in Central Square right off of Green Street. She agreed we should go there.

As I approached the door of the restaurant something didn't quite feel right. We walked inside and I noticed they had redecorated. Then I picked up the menu and knew right away something was horribly wrong. This menu was for a Thai restaurant. Thai, not Korean. I stood up, muttering something about how this was wrong, terribly wrong. I just couldn't bring myself to eat there under new ownership -- it's too soon -- so we left. But I did ask the new owner about the change. He told me Korea Garden went out of business two months ago and this new guy bought the place.

I'm sad. Korea Garden was a gigazillion times better than the other Korean places in town. (Koreana just plain sucks, and there are only a couple of dishes at Kaya that I like.) Korea Garden was amongst my favorite restaurants of any cuisine in Boston (along with Ajanta, Roddhee, House of Siam, Helmand's, and Sesame). I am going to miss their gyoza (steamed or pan-fried), yukejang soup, and pork bulgogi.
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