Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Since my effort to take Ilana to one of my favorite Boston-area restaurants last night failed, due to Korea Garden's demise, I decided I wanted to go to my favorite favorite Boston-area restaurant tonight.

First, a relevant aside. Today, the little rag-tag holiday choir at work had its second performance. I've been attracted to one of the sopranos since I first met her a couple of weeks ago. I had meant to ask her after Monday's performance if she wanted to join me for dinner tonight, but one of the other sopranos joined the two of us as we were walking back to our building, and I felt it was inappropriate to ask in front of this other person. After today's performance I had an opportunity to ask, however, and she said she'd be happy to join me tonight. After all, we had sung well ... and who can resist a guy who can sing?!1

Date secured, I decided to satisfy my hankering for my favorite Indian food in town. This is a place where not only is the food delicious, but they know how to fix it the way I like it. The head chef knows me. He always greets me when I come in, brings me my sweet lassi without waiting for me to ask.2 He knows I like very hot, spicy food and can tolerate the very spiciest dishes, so he prepares my dishes as he would a Bengali's. The decor is very pleasing as well, with traditional Indian artwork tastefully hanging on the walls. I love Ajanta, and if I could only eat at one Boston restaurant for the rest of my stay here, Ajanta would be the place.

I could not conceal my shock, then -- the utter horror -- when my date3 and I got to Ajanta's and discovered a Thai restaurant in its place.4 How could this be happening??? Two nights in a row!!! First, my favorite Korean restaurant, one of my favorites period, and now my favorite of favorites, my beloved Ajanta! And both establishments replaced by a Thai restaurant!!! I love Thai food, but there are enough bloody Thai restaurants in town5 -- why did they have to close Ajanta??? Why not Koreana, or that really bad Indian restaurant in Porter Square, or Bukara's, or any number of other shitty places in town? <sigh> Thus, I am in mourning.


1 This is clearly a rhetorical question, so you can resist that sudden urge to tell me that you can resist me, forever shattering my self-delusions. :p

2 A couple of times, he brought me two sweet lassis, 'cause he remembered I had ordered a second one on a previous visit!

3 Jenn Fonda. And yes, she's related -- distant cousins.

4 Other than my display of shock and disbelief, the rest of the date went really well. Jenn is not only very attractive physically, but she is extremely intelligent and accomplished. She is a competitive figure skater, a swimmer, a dancer, a computer programmer, and a university-level statistics instructor -- not a teaching fellow, but actual faculty -- all at age 24. Plus, she's a devout Catholic who shares many of the same views -- including debating issues with priests -- about Catholicism that I do. I get a good vibe from her, so I'm hopeful. :)

5 Including Roddhee, another one of my favorite restaurants. I'd better make sure they're still in business!
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