Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

I just got back from an evening of opera scenes at NEC, followed by dinner with cast and friends, and I had a blast.

I had double-booked this event, having asked both Ilana and Jenn. I ran the risk of having both of them accept because I thought the chances either one would accept were slim. After all, they're both going out of town tomorrow, Ilana to Costa Rica and Jenn to upstate New York. I confirmed this afternoon that they wouldn't be able to join me, but I did manage to get a friend from work (M from book club, for the 2-3 of you who know him) and his girlfriend to tag along.

The scenes weren't as interesting as previous nights, but I enjoyed them nonetheless. (The Manon, La ci darem la mano, and Paisiello Barbiere were fun, but I'm not a fan of Der Freischutz and the Mechem Tartuffe and Stravinsky Rake's Progress did nothing for me.) It's always fun to see a collection of scenes, though, some well known and others obscure. My friend Brian (he was Count Almaviva in the Marriage of Figaro scene and was in the Albert Herring scene, as well as doubling with me as John in the Consul scene, for those of you who went to the Spring workshop last May) has made strides with his voice. He has switched teachers and the difference is quite noticeable. His voice sounds bigger, rounder and more even from top to bottom, and more natural and at ease. I'm anticipating similarly marked improvements in my own singing when I start working with Pollard regularly.

I'm glad that neither Ilana nor Jenn joined me tonight, because then I wouldn't have met Blonde Soprano and Flaming Tits. Blonde Soprano sang in tonight's scenes; she is Ukrainian and flirts with a lot of the stereotypes of the uppercrust blonde diva, in a good way. She wants to sing La ci darem la mano with me in January, and I plan to use that as an opportunity to play that role convincingly! (That is the duet where Don Giovanni attempts to seduce Zerlina.)

And Flaming, we got off on the wrong foot there! She starts by calling me a fascist (because I'm of Italian descent from "South America"). Then she ate half my onion petals. But after I sang a couple of lines of La ci darem la mano, she asked me if I cook, too. Of course I cook, and I volunteered to demonstrate. She wants me to cook her some Italian dish involving calf livers. I've never attempted calf livers, so I warned her it would be an experiment whose success I could not guarantee. Still, she seems willing to try. Oh, yeah, about her nickname... She described (using unfortunately -- unintentionally -- suggestive language) how she set her breasts on fire in front of her boss at the office party. She reached into the oven and, as she was pulling out the rack, her oven mitt brushed up against the hot element. She ended up lighting the front of her sweater on fire and didn't notice until she asked her co-workers if they smelled something burning. Hmmm...maybe this is why I offered to do the cooking. Anyway, who can resist a sassy Italian chick with flaming tits!

All in all, it was a good evening. Spent some time chatting with friends from previous workshops and made a couple of new, potentially fruitful, acquaintances. :)
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