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I'm ready for the holidays now. My hair is cut.


You gotta love being perfectly comfortable going outside on a windy day wearing only a t-shirt and jeans on December 23. I love this weather! 60° is so much better than the 3° we had two days ago!


I have been inundated with chocolates at work. I've eaten some of them but will probably regift most. I regifted one box to the folks in the cafeteria downstairs. They were so pleased they refused to charge me for lunch today.


So, I guess my job is safe. I "confronted" my supervisor about it in a roundabout way today. Someone asked, "So, when are you leaving? What should I tell [my boss]? We don't want to catch him off guard." I responded that I didn't know I was leaving but that everyone seems to think I am. My supervisor walked into the office at that point and I said, "Even [she] 'knows' I'm leaving, and I haven't told her anything, so I assume [my boss] has heard I'm leaving." My supervisor responded by saying that she didn't know I was leaving but that she had heard me say that I might leave in the spring, that she hasn't said anything to my boss, and that she assumes I'll give sufficient notice when I do leave. So, I guess the ball is still in my court where I want it. They must really like me for me to have survived those visa gaffes!


Aside from the lack of whiteness, it is starting to feel very Christmas-y. I've been inundated with gifts at work and home. I haven't bothered to wait until Saturday, since part of the joy in receiving gifts is being able to open them in front of others and share in the good feelings. Besides a ton of chocolate, the gifts from work include wasabi peas, two bottles of red wine (a chianti and a cabernet sauvignon), a tie with ice-skating snowmen, a pug calendar, a beautiful Christmas ornament, and Taboo.

We had a gift exchange at home yesterday. JC wasn't able to make it -- his a cappella group broke up and he has been sitting at home, ill and depressed, for the last two days -- but Tubby, his gf Jess, her roommate Alyssa, briganski, and his gf Wendy were there. I had gifts for Tubby (Wise and Otherwise, to replace the one he lost last year) and briganski (he did, as expected, get a kick out of the custom-made t-shirt I designed); Tubby, Jess, and Alyssa had gifts for each other; and Tubby had a gift for me: Play-doh and a set of poker chips. I felt bad that nobody had gotten something for Wendy -- we don't know her that well and I didn't know she was coming -- so I excused myself for a few minutes and tried to find something suitable in my room. Fortunately, I found a decorative gift bag and a copy of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass that was in good condition (as it was purchased in Houston this September to read on my return flight), so I stuck the latter in the former and pretended to "find" it under the tree when I returned to the living room. I also received a gift from Scotty in the mail: an old hardcover edition of Calvin Coolidge's (that old Amherst alum) autobiography.

Tonight keyasau3 and Dan will be passing through on their way to celebrate Christmas in Maine with Dan's family, so we will be gathering for some more gift giving. I'm giving them a game I found at the Discovery Store that looks really fun, called This and That. JC will hopefully be feeling better and be able to join us; he'll be getting The Metaphysical Club, which won the Pulitzer for History in 2002. I'm hoping treacle_well is able to join us as well; she'll be getting [omitted due to the fact that she'll probably read this entry before she gets her gift]. And I told brigansky to bring his t-shirts (the printer says he messed up -- I can't tell -- so we got two for the price of one) because I know JC and keyasau3 will get a kick out of them. Who knows what delights they all have for me! (Besides their company, of course, which is the best part!)


I'm taking next week (starting tomorrow) off of work, even though I'm not going anywhere. My plan is quite simple. I'm going to sleep in a lot. I'm going to go to the gym at least once, maybe even twice, a day. I'm going to read a lot and watch a few movies. I'm going to sing a lot. I'm going to go through all my possessions and see what I can throw away or give away and what I'll want to be taking to California, storing here in Boston, or taking with me to London. I'm hoping the week will be both productive and relaxing.


I should get going. There's no point in staying late at work today when everyone else is gone. :)
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