Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

I'm, wait,, blue....

My hair was definitely green today. You could see traces of turquoise, but those traces were a definite minority.

I called the salon. Anthony, the guy who it on me last night, answered the phone. "My hair is green." "Did you wash your hair?" "Yeah. Was I not supposed to?" Stupid Straight Guy strikes again. I guess they're not used to seeing us in hair salons. You don't have to tell these things to women or gay guys, but we stupid straight guys...most of us think you can get a good haircut at SuperCuts.

I walked into the salon, flirted with the sexy new receptionist, changed into a frock, and awaited my touch up. Camille emerged and instructed me to change back into my street clothes, as we were going for a little drive. I drove her down to Newbury Street, where she bought some hair coloring that was a closer blue to what we had envisioned. Then back to the salon. Camille had to attend to other customers, so Anthony slathered the stuff on my hair and rinsed it off half an hour later.

The hair now looks slightly better than last night's turquoise and much better than today's green. This is the shade of blue I had envisioned -- a deep, dark blue. I think it looks cool. Maybe tomorrow I'll talk someone into taking a picture of me so I can share with y'all.

And this time I made sure I knew what the dealie is before I left. It's okay to rinse with hot water, but I shouldn't shampoo for at least two days. And when I do shampoo, I shouldn't scrub hard. And I have more of the blue dye, because the color will fade over time, and I can re-apply when it does. I feel much more comfortable with this do now.

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