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I'm not particularly fond of large crowds. I find the concept of purposefully surrounding myself with hordes of drunken assholes patently absurd. I know, I know, I'm a loser. I prefer instead to do small gatherings. So, I had a couple of friends over tonight for New Year's.

At some point it was decided we'd play Monopoly. That was a mistake. First, I'm not particularly fond of Monopoly. Second, I haven't lost at Monopoly in almost 9 years. It seems that the only person who can beat me is this guy named Denga who beat me twice senior year of college. Nobody else has beat me since I was a kid. Third, the game lasts forever even when it's crystal clear I will win again. The decision to play was a poor one.

We paused at midnight to celebrate, but we were still in the middle of the stupid game. I bought a bunch of seeded grapes, but it seems I'm the only one in this crowd who follows this tradition. (Eat 12 grapes, count the seeds, and that's your lucky number.) Plus, we were too absorbed in the game to be bothered by traditions. I jingled coins (including a British 2-pound coin) in my hand, but no one else does that tradition either, being more concerned with Monopoly money. And, so absorbed was I with winning that I forgot to open either of the two bottles of Asti Spumante that I'd bought.

But I spent New Year's Eve with a couple of good friends instead of home alone, and I am thankful for that. And now I have lots of grapes and sparkling wine waiting for an excuse to consume them. So,

Happy New Year, Everyone!!!

Of course, this means that my vacation is drawing to a close. Here is a list of what I meant to accomplish during my vacation:
  • Sleep in every day
  • Go to the gym every day
  • Go through all my shit to decide what I want to keep and throw out
  • Sing a lot
  • Read as much as possible
Here's what I actually accomplished:
  • Sleep in every day
Okay, it wasn't very productive, but I feel rested! ;)


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Jan. 6th, 2005 07:28 pm (UTC)
Little old winemaker?
Crush the grapes. Sterilize them, then add yeast. Let the brew ferment. Make wine. Celebrate. Get hung over. Sleep late.
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