Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Oh. My. Gosh.

I was doing a random Google search when I saw a name I recognized amongst the results. On the off chance, I followed the link. It's a Methodist church -- right denomination -- check! It's in San Clemente -- family's last known location -- check! It's Petty -- correct last name -- check! And the faces in the pictures sure bring back memories!

It's my first girlfriend's -- my first love's -- family!

There's the youngest sister, Heather, who's grown up a lot. I wouldn't recognize her if I ran into her:
Heather Petty

There's the baby brother, David, who was maybe 7 or 8 when I last saw him over a decade ago. He looks almost the same, only fuller-faced and older:
David Petty

And then there's the father, grayer but otherwise unchanged: Rev. Steve Petty Many of you have heard the story of how, when I rang the doorbell for my first date with Emily, the father, a towering and intimidating 6'5", answered the door and I nearly turned tail and ran. Well, that's him. The photo doesn't do justice to his height, though. And once you get to know him, you'd know he's a warm and gentle spirit. I especially enjoyed his sermons.

Only ones missing are sister Lisa, mother Linda, and Emily herself, who is happily married and living in Durham. What a blast from the past!
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