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The two halves of my Motorola V60p are dangling, held tenuously together by a thin strip, the all-essential lifeline that sends digital information streaming between the two halves and keeps the phone functional.

In an attempt to save a few dollars, I cancelled the equipment insurance on my phone last January. The insurance company won't allow Verizon to reinstate it. I'd have to wait until June of '05 to be eligible for the $100 cashback offer on a phone upgrade. My current contract with Verizon doesn't end until August 2005.

My options are limited. My phone won't stay together forever. I don't plan to be in the U.S. much more than a few months, the fewer the better. I want to stay with Verizon, because they are associated with VodaFone, which would make transferring easier. Verizon only offers one GSM-enabled phono, and it's a hideous and overpriced Samsung. The new Motorola RAZR is not available to Verizon. If I want to replace my current phone, it would cost me $200, and the phone would be useless in a few months. I could get a cheap-ass phone, if there is such a thing, but lose many of the features I use -- probably store fewer numbers, no voice-activated dialing, less reliable reception, etc. Maybe it's better to cut my losses, pay the fee to leave Verizon, and go with a company that offers phones I can use both in the U.S. and the U.K. Any thoughts?


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Jan. 6th, 2005 06:36 pm (UTC)
Check on eBay. Cathy got me a phone from a guy in Hawaii at a very reasonable price a few years ago, when we first started using that other provider we dropped last year and whose name I no longer recall. The phone worked fine and she had a good selection to choose from at the time.
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