Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Had a nice time on my date with Jenn tonight. I took her to the BU-Northeastern hockey game. It was a close, exciting game, which BU won 3-1 (really 2-1, if you don't count the empty-netter with about 20 seconds left in the game). She sure is quite the hockey fan, rattling on about such-and-such player doing this, and I know what's-his-face and he'll be pissed about that sign, and oh there's Ray Bourque's son sitting in the stands behind the team. Man, I must sound like this when going on about the Chargers! We ran into wildraven and Todd at the game as well; they were seated in the same row several seats down.

Jenn and I walked to the Pru afterwards for dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and had a great time talking about debugging code, some of the projects she's working on, psychology, books, poetry, etc. We were there well past closing.

I walked her home, and we lingered outside her door for several minutes talking about a number of things. Finally, we said goodbye and I pulled her towards me for a kiss. She didn't resist, but I think she had a surprised look on her face. Something felt awkward, so at the last the moment I redirected, aiming the kiss away from her lips towards her cheek. I missed. I kissed...

...her ear.

HER EAR!!! Right on the edge of the upper lobe.

There was nothing to do but turn around and walk away, with horrible visions of Jeff Murdoch muttering, "I like ears. Especially women ears, they're my favourite! I don't mean I collect them, or anything, I don't have a big bucket of women-ears hidden away somewhere. No-no-no! I'm not after your ears, really! Not that there's anything wrong with your ears. If I was some kind of mad ear person your ears would be the pride of my … ear bucket. Oh my god!"


I'm going to pretend it didn't happen. When I ask her out again, she'll either laugh at me, in which case I move on, or she'll accept and we simply won't refer to the whole ear thing. "She thinks I collect women's ears in a bucket...No! No! let's not get started on the whole ear thing again." <whimper, whimper>
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