Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

We didn't have the expected large turnout at flag football yesterday morning, most likely due to Saturday's foul weather blanketing us in icy whiteness. The five of us who did show up on this beautiful day were big guys, so we floated the idea of playing tackle. We had one dissenter, the one I thought least likely to be opposed, and he only dissented because he was catching a flight to Virginia later in the day.

So we played flag, which was hard. The half-foot of snow on the ground slowed everyone down. Unfortunately, 4 of us are snail-paced to begin with. briganski had a huge advantage in terms of speed when he was able to disentangle himself from me. (I figured the only way to cover him was to knock him on his ass before he got off the line of scrimmage.) It was hopeless.

So, when Mark announced he'd have to leave after the next couple of series to get ready for his flight, I suggested we play the last two series tackling instead of with flags. Everyone agreed. Furthermore, I added that all plays had to be running plays. Again, everyone consented. This was the way to neutralize briganski's speed!

It was great fun. Mark and I did a great job of shedding the blocker to get to the runner. I discovered I still knew good tackling technique: I got rid of my blocker and dove to the right, wrapping my arms around the ball carrier's midsection and driving my shoulders through. And on offense, I was unstoppable -- a veritable Christian Okoye. Knowing that the only way to bring me down is to take out my feet, I kept my legs pumping. On one run I was able to break free of briganski's arms as they were draped around my legs and power forward for another 5 yards. On another carry, briganski tried to strip the ball out of my hands. Well, I have strong arms and wasn't going to let go of that ball, so I carried him about 7 yards before he wised up and wrapped up my legs. I busted another one about 10-15 yards, breaking tackles and dragging defenders, until Mark2 tackled me and landed on the back of my ankle. I took one play off to block and rest the ankle before I took a handoff for a TD.

I hadn't played tackle football in about 10 years. I really enjoyed being able to get some aggression out this way, mixing it up physically. I have a few scratches and bruises I wouldn't normally have, but I'm happy. And, of course, it was nice being able to fall into a bed of snow when tackled rather than hard, frozen ground. It's a pity we don't play tackle more often.
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