Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Tubby got a new cat. It used to belong to his friend Adam, but Tubby's been wanting another cat for a while and... I don't know the circumstances, but we have a new furry friend.

Apparently he doesn't have a name. Adam's been calling him Big Cat, or Biggie, or something like that, but that's no name for a cat! So, we've been trying to come up with an appropriate name. He's jet black with yellow eyes, so we've toyed with Whitey, Honkey, Snowball, Cocaine.... We also tried Schnappi (after the ubiquitous kleine Krokodil), Osgood (after the Chargers' back-up wide-receiver -- not my suggestion, btw), Congo (because he looks mysterious). We finally decided we like Yogurt.

For the record, "we" does not include Tubby. "We" is JC, briganski, and me, and we're not allowing Tubby much of a choice in the matter. We're just gonna call him Yogurt, Yogi for short, and he's gonna have to accept it. He did admit earlier today, though, that Yogi is starting to grow on him.
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