Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Tonight I gave Ilana a kiss. Three, to be precise. And then when I got home I offered one to Tubby and gave myself a few.

Yes, clearly I mean the Hershey's variety. I figure it's the closest I'll come, and I get a somewhat demented pleasure in the act of giving her the chocolate variety as a proxy. (Hormones aside, I really dig her as a friend and wouldn't want to jeopardize our friendship with any misguided attempts at delivering the non-chocolate variety.)

We hung out at The Toad in Porter Square to listen to a local talent, Rachel McCartney. Rachel is fantastic and I really enjoyed the songs and the chemistry that the three musicians had. Afterwards, hanging out at Ilana's place, I told her about my Brian Webb discovery, and she told me that he was the guy accompanying Rachel on lead guitar tonight. Oh, if only I'd known!

There are several things I've been wanting to blog about the past few days, but I've been busy. For one, I decided to reinvent the wheel. You locals should be getting an e-mail about this in the next day or two.

I visited a chiropracter this morning. I saw a sign-up sheet at the gym last week for free spinal screenings, so I put my name down. It was a quick visit, maybe twenty minutes, where Dr. P quickly checked my posture and alignment, etc. I do massage every once in a while, as it's important, as a singer, for the body to be functioning as stress-free and efficiently as possible. I've been wanting to try chiropractic as well, thinking that there must be some misalignment that is causing undue stress. However, that doesn't seem to be the case. My right shoulder is slightly higher than my left, my left hip is slightly higher than my right, and one of my neck vertebra is slightly out of alignment, but none of that requires chiropractic intervention. However, Dr. P thinks I could benefit from a few (10-12 sessions over several months) to improve the small misalignments. I like what I heard from him, and his office is close to my place, so if my insurance covers it I may do it.

I was upset with myself when I left, though. Dr. P had asked about any medical conditions. I mentioned the GERD but completely forgot the patellar tendinitis! I would think knowledge of my bad knees would be more important for an orthopedic/chiroractic treatment than knowledge of my gastro-esophageal disorders.

Speaking of disorders, my nose did its best hemophiliac impersonation today. I usually get two or three nosebleeds a year, at the beginning of winter and the beginning of spring. But today alone I had three, and that's practically unheard of for me. The first one woke me up this morning. The second one struck as I was about to leave work. The third and worst -- quite a gusher that wouldn't stop flowing for several minutes -- occurred in the bathroom of the Chinese restaurant tonight while Ilana waited patiently upstairs. I'm not sure whether I should blame the extreme cold and dryness we've been experiencing or whether I should suspect something worse.

Speaking of wintry conditions, tonight's snow is the fluffiest, most beautiful stuff I have seen. This is what snow should always be like! And it wasn't too bad to drive in either.

I'm going to save my book rant and Italy update for another post. It's late, and I know I wouldn't do the topics justice at this hour. Suffice it to say, my book club situation is not all storybook, and there's been progress on the Italian front.

I'd rather end this post on a positive note anyway. So, think about the wonderfully fluffy snow, and next time you see me ask for a kiss -- you never know what I might give you! <grin>
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