Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

I left Jenn a fairly strongly-worded voicemail message tonight. She's pretty effectively been blowing me off since the ear kissing incident. I've only called her twice in the past two weeks (not counting tonight's voicemail). Each time she was supposed to get back to me about something and didn't. She told me the best way to communicate with her was via e-mail, so I sent her three e-mails: one, the change of address notice I sent to everyone; two, the Super Bowl party invite; and three, a note asking if she was still interested in book club and if she wanted to get together this Friday. No response from her at all.

So tonight's voicemail, delivered in a calm, clear, and even voice, asked her to please call me or e-mail me and stated that I don't particularly care right now whether she wants to go out with me or not, but I do want to know if she'd received my e-mails and isn't just being rudely blowing me off. I figure that pretty much kills my chances with her, which is a shame -- we did seem to have a lot of fascinating things to talk about -- but I deserve better. Few things bug me more than someone being afraid to communicate directly with someone else and instead hiding behind a façade of silence. If you don't want to hang out with me, tell me, but don't blow me off, keeping me guessing. I'm not going to chase you -- there are plenty of other interesting people out there.
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