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What a pissy morning!

Another parking ticket this morning. Aargh! I was going to go to the parking office this morning to get the permit, but supposedly I was meeting my client at work this morning and couldn't spare the time. (More on the parking issue later in a filtered post.)

Then on my way to work, I get stuck behind and old lady and her old lady passenger in their little white car. They are sightseeing, so their car is occasionally swerving and only going 25 miles per hour. On the expressway. In the fast lane. When I finally got my first opportunity to go around them, they sped up. I finally had to choose between making a very risky maneuver to get in front of them or slamming on my brakes and getting back behind them. I chose the safe route, slamming on my brakes and getting back behind them. And as soon as I did so, they stepped on their brakes and slowed back down to about 30. I don't have to tell you I was incensed. When I got my next opportunity to pass them I accelerated so fast they wouldn't have had a chance to touch their gas. Those women should not be allowed to drive.

Yesterday when I parked in the mall, I noticed a huge SUV parked such that the parking stripe was underneath the center of the car. I parked next to him anyway, barely squeezing between the stripes and forcing myself to climb over the seat to the passenger side. But I wasn't in the mood to spen a half hour searching for another spot when I don't have AC. I left a note on their windshield saying that "If you can't park something that big, then don't drive something that big." They actually left me a response, correcly guessing that out of the hundreds of cars at the mall I was the one to leave the note. Amongst the several comments on the note were "I bet your fat" [sic] and "I park like this on purpose so that nobody will touch my car." Seems counterintuitive to me; if anything, I am now more provoked than ever to physically move the next offender out of the way with my truck, and if I see the same SUV again I may not make an attempt to avoid damage.

So this morning in the parking garage I saw another offender. I was actually beginning to pull into a spot when I saw this jerk and decided to park next to him instead. He wasn't as egregious an offender, so I didn't tap him. I simply parked next to him in such a way that he won't be able to use the driver-side door. I took a picture to show you what I mean...and to cover my ass in case he claims that I must have hit him by parking poorly.

Hey, I'm parked legally!

Hopefully there will be no more aggravations today, but I'm not optimistic.

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