Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

How I Spent My 31st Birthday

It's after midnight so, technically, not my birthday anymore. Hence, I feel I can post about how I spent it.

I woke up this morning shivering. The boiler went out, and, with the outside temp in the low single digits (with windchills below zero), the house got quite cold. I was faced with a dilemma: I could get up and go down to the basement to turn the boiler back on, or I could curl up into a ball under the covers and try my best to be warm. The former would allow me better quality of sleep once I was able to return to sleep, but the cold house would probably make me too alert to get back to sleep. I wasn't willing to face the cold sans covers, so I chose the latter, and so for about 3 hours or so, I dozed and woke periodically because of the cold.

When I finally managed to get comfortable enough to sleep alright, my mom and aunt called from Panamá. I almost slammed my alarm clock before I realized the music was my Panamá ringtone! It was 10 a.m. and I wasn't going to get back to sleep now. So much for sleeping in on my birthday! My mom explained that she didn't want to call too early so I could sleep in. Too early! Clearly, she doesn't know my sleep schedule.

I fried three eggs for breakfast. Tubby emerged from his room and wished me a happy birthday. I ate the eggs in the kitchen while we chatted a bit.

Then I was possessed by a strange alien being that commanded me to redecorate and clean up my room. I spent the next several hours moving heavy furniture (bookshelves loaded with books, queen-sized bed, etc.) and figuring out the best place for everything. The new configuration makes the room seem bigger, but at the expense of wall real estate. Thus, my low table and my desk are being retired to the attic.

As a result of going through all my books, though, I now have several I will be giving away. I will post a list of available titles later for whomever is interested.

My dad called me in the mid afternoon to wish me a happy birthday. My sister Cathy called in the late afternoon.

briganski and I talked as well. He was coordinating a get-together with some friends tonight (which Tubby and JC seemed to think was a surprise -- it wasn't since I had asked briganski to set something up). We decided to call off the get-together because of the snow. I would spend my birthday all alone at home. We'll have people over for the football game tomorrow instead and do something afterwards.

Scory and JC called as well to communicate their well-wishes. JC also told me his grandfather had a stroke today. I know JC is very close to his grandfather and looks up to him as a role model. The last time I talked to JC, he didn't know if he'd have to drive to the Cape in this blizzard or if his grandfather would be transferred to a Boston hospital. JC told me his grandfather won't recover from this, that it's just a matter of how quickly he goes.

In the evening, I suddenly realized who I hadn't spoken with, whose voice I really longed to hear. My grandmother, Mama Chellita. I could hear her voice in my ear, the distinct way she talked on the phone. And my other grandmother, Mama Carmela, too. I love them and miss them so much, especially today. We may be able to bury the grief in the course of our daily lives, but it never goes away.

I ordered Chinese from Sesame. I asked if they'd do anything special for me, since I'm a regular and it's my birthday. The lady on the other end said she'd throw in something complimentary. The complimentary dish was crab rangoon. I should have told her I don't eat seafood. Oh well, I hope Tubby likes his crab rangoon.

While I ate I watched The Manchurian Candidate, the Denzel Washington, not Frank Sinatra, version. Unlike the original, this was a bad movie.

Afterwards, back to re-organizing my room and doing laundry. Something seems to be wrong with the washer, as I had to was my sheets three times before it rinsed properly. Now my sheets are in the dryer and my blanket's in the washer, so I won't be able to go to bed for at least another hour.

And that's how I spent my 31st birthday.
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